Saturday, March 3, 2012

Next Week's Subject: Red Riding Hood

We are taking a break from super-heroes next week with Red Riding Hood. I bet you can figure out what to expect from Joe and my take on this character. :)

Hope to see you Wednesday!


  1. Exciting! Though, I'm a bit biased, but still, yes. Can't wait, guys.

  2. I have some pics I from when I did a photo shoot ;)

  3. Both look great, guys. Gene, something out of left field and it's beautiful. Joe, haha, something that I was expecting but you add that good girl quality to it without it being over sexual.

    So ideas for next week: guns n'garters, the Endless, nerd girls, Greek mythology, a Vargas tribute...

    though it would make sense to do a St. Patrick's Day theme.