Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Librarians by Joe Pekar

I warned Gene that I was going to be stretching this week's theme a bit. So here are my 'Librarians' :).

My thought process started out on track...y'know girl with glasses and books around her. Then I figured what's better than one girl reading? Two girls of course! Then I kept thinking on it...what's better than two girls? (3 girls is too much more work, so don't go there :).) Two girls... taking a bath!...while reading! And somehow my brain thought that was an appropriate image for 'Librarian'.


and yes, the one girl is reading Moby Dick... just because I've got the maturity level of a thirteen year old. :)

9x12 Copics and watercolor on paper


  1. haha that is awesome. I read in the tub all the time! ;)

  2. Approve. God, I wonder what you'd do if you ever got around to a nerd girl week theme.

  3. thanks Lisa and Lan...glad you guys like it.

    and a nerd girl theme sounds great! doesn't it Gene? ;)

  4. This is great. Nothing wrong with reading in the tub.