Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Art Blog Announcement

The tag line and title says it all. Joe and I will tackle the same subject once a week. Not a contest, not a dream, not an imaginary tale, this is real.

A subject or theme will be established and we will post the artwork every Wednesday. Every Friday a new subject will be announced. We will be taking suggestions in the comments section for each week. All the art created will be original done in traditional mediums and will most likely be offered for sale or auctioned.

We thought this would be fun for everyone to toss out ideas and see what we produce. And it gives us a chance to try new things and possibly branch out of our normal styles from time to time.

Our first post will be this coming Wednesday, October 5th.

The theme: Universal Monsters (suggested by Royce).

 I hope you will join us for the fun.



  1. Love the idea of this blog and the first character I suggest is Space Ghost.

  2. Love the blog logo and character drawings. My first suggestion is....

  3. I definite will expect great things to be produced from this blog! If I may, I suggest giving the Phantom Lady a try.


  4. Hmmm...Joe hiding behind a beard and Gene hiding behind a cuppa-Joe!

  5. Love the title and the banner/logo. Can't wait to see this party get started!

  6. Thanks Travis! I will make a note of Space Ghost.

    Craig...what was your suggestion??? :)

    Thanks Lud! Phantom Lady is noted.

    John - That is disturbing. I'm surprised I didn't think of it. ;)

    Thanks Royce!

  7. Hey you might want to put "Joe Pekar" over Joe's links instead of "Deviant Art". :-)

  8. I think that's Gene's way of trying to make him seem more important than me here :). granted he probably is, since he named the blog, did all the set up, etc. makes sense ;).

    thanks for the suggestions everyone!

  9. Hi Guys!

    Great idea for a blog! And great first theme, Royce!
    Since it's October may I humbly suggest comic book Horror Hosts as a theme? hint, hint Cynthia from The Witching Hour hint, hint